Phinney fashion faux-pas. Too many clothes, not enough training.

//Phinney fashion faux-pas. Too many clothes, not enough training.

Phinney fashion faux-pas. Too many clothes, not enough training.

Phinney. No more high fashion.

Is Taylor Phinney the Paris Hilton of pro cycling?

That’s the pointed question we’re asking ourselves after reading that Phinney blamed his injuries and lack of results on too much clothes shopping. Yes, he looked fantastic but his career at BMC was not off to a stylish start.

“I was being stupid. I wasn’t jumping off cliffs but I wasn’t training properly or eating properly. I was out, buying nice clothes and I thought I was being it. But now I’ve realized I’m a pro and that’s how I have to live,” Phinney told Cyclingnews.

The life of a pro rider is hard, the miles long, the suffering endless, the travel exhausting and yes, sometimes your clothes lack character, elegance and a designer label. Sacrifices must be made and sometimes a really cool wardrobe is one of the casualties.

“I feel like I made a lot of mistakes and if I’m really honest I was really lazy in the first part of the season. That’s where all my injuries came from,” said Phinney.

BMC’s Max Sciandri has taken the role of putting Phinney back on track and keeping him out of the designer boutiques. No more Simon Spurr suits, Prada shirts or the $350 sneakers from Common Projects. While the rumor is yet to be confirmed, one source reports that Sciandri has in fact cut up Phinney’s credit cards.

“With the help of Max, and some of the riders who live around me, he’s picked me up and put me back on my feet. He showed me how I was supposed to be doing things and I think I only really started acting like a professional in April and at the Tour of Romandie,” Phinney said.

Phinney will be riding the Vuelta a España, his first grand tour later this month. Don’t expect him to show up wearing the latest, coolest, high fashion duds — but maybe his results will look far better.

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