Philippe Gilbert’s super power revealed? Luminous wrists.

//Philippe Gilbert’s super power revealed? Luminous wrists.

Philippe Gilbert’s super power revealed? Luminous wrists.

Gilbert and energy beams.

The crackpot story of Fabian Cancellara and motorized doping disappeared ages ago. But perhaps a new and surprising controversy is about to erupt.

While posing for photos of the new team kit, classics superstar Philippe Gilbert astonished on-lookers with what appeared to be dazzling beams of light near both wrists. According to several witnesses, the light sources seemed to be a kind of energy source.

“You could see them pulsing, one moment they were blinding in intensity, the next glowing,” said Lars Van Jerkel, a photographer at the event. “Philippe was upset and quickly went behind closed doors. Later, he pretended nothing had happened.

Italian journalist Davide┬áCassani, who was the first to theorize about Cancellara’s hidden motor, was not surprised by Gilbert’s light-beams. “They are energy sources. If you consider an aura as pure energy, then these light manifestations are simply a sign that he has succeeded in manipulating his internal power supply,” said Cassani. “Now, imagine, you are Gilbert in Liege-Bastogne — he simply moves the energy beams from his wrists to his legs. Can you imagine the wattage?”

BMC team officials were quick to downplay the the rumors, calling the bright lights simply an illusion or a reflection from the photographer’s lights. “Yes, Philippe is almost superhuman on a bike,” said team spokesman Craig Michaels. “But to think he has some magic energy source is ridiculous.”

Twisted Spoke promises to stay close to this story as details continue to filter in.

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