Nygaard passes GreenEdge vocal audition.

//Nygaard passes GreenEdge vocal audition.

Nygaard passes GreenEdge vocal audition.

Nygaard passes GreenEdge singing test.

Tough job interview: according to an unconfirmed source Brian Nygaard’s interview for GreenEdge was both grueling and unorthodox.

Apparently, the former Leopard team manager was asked to sing a medley of popular Australian rock and pop songs as part of the interview process.

The set included such classics as “It’s a long way to the top” by AC/DC, “Happy anniversary, baby” by Little River Band, “Something so strong” by Crowded House and “Metropolis” by The Church.

The Danish press officer has been taking vocal lessons in the months leading up to his dismissal from Leopard and the efforts certainly paid off well. “I’ve worked with a number of Australians in previous roles and have always admired their approach to the sport, and life in general, so I’m thrilled to be part of the GreenEdge team,”

GreenEdge General Manager Shayne Bannan was impressed with Nygaard’s skillful renditions and encyclopedic knowledge of Australian bands from the eighties. “We’re delighted to have someone with Brian’s experience on the team,” said Bannan. “Beyond the technical elements of the job, Brian knows cycling and speaks a number of languages which will help us tell our story around the globe.”

SPeaks and sings, to be precise. The only hitch in the audition was the late arrival of team financier Jerry Ryan. The multi-millionaire insisted that the Dane attempt a rendition of The Vines hit, “Are you gonna be my girl?”

To Ryan’s great surprise, Nygaard nailed the 2003 hit single that was later used for an Apple ipod commercial. Although pushed to his limits in the audition, Nygaard was pleased with the outcome. “After having met Shayne and seeing the scope of this project, I feel proud to be asked to be part of this new challenge,” said Nygaard.

That’s right, Brian. Sing it.

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  1. Sam September 28, 2011 at 10:40 am - Reply

    What…no Kylie Monogue? He could surely hit high notes, don't you think? He has the right fashion accessories around his neck. Could have been the "stretch" needed to seal the audition.

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