New Hincapie compression wear but no sexy knee socks yet.

///New Hincapie compression wear but no sexy knee socks yet.

New Hincapie compression wear but no sexy knee socks yet.

The new line. Well, almost.

Recovery — let’s get sexy widit.

The new line of Hincapie R3 Performance Compression tights are designed to speed recovery and improve athletic performance. Cool, bravo, groovilicious we say, but something vital is missing.  The compression evening wear. The lingerie of R & R.

For that time when a rider likes to get a little sexy, show a more daring and seductive side. Recovery is also romance and seduction. Curled up on the couch, a crackling fire going,  a carbo-cognac shake, a Bebel Gilberto remix cd playing and you in your slinky recovery hose. That’s what’s missing from the Hincapie catalogue but we hope that’s soon to be rectified.

Research claims the use of compression garments will help you ride faster and recover quicker. We’re sure it does, but what about the power of sassy polka-dots, maybe an elegant rear seam, little bow ties going down the calf? I feel refreshed just thinking about it. Actually, I feel positively revved up.

shaped, fitted, recovered.

Is a tight, bondage-style PVC garment too much to ask for? Too bold, too provocative, too dom?

A sports therapist or physiologist might say, “what does that have to do with recovery?” A whole bunch, my scientific lackey — items like that put several bounces back in your step.

Let’s just remind ourselves that this compression trend started with old ladies and varicose veins. Women have had compression dialed in for ages– support hose, sports bras, shaping panties and yes, leather corsets.

And cyclists, what starts on Venus, ends up in at a bike race on Mars. Need I say man-sack? The fact is, Victoria’s secret is she rides really fast. The sexy compression wear is what the true metro-sexual on two wheels wants, needs and desires, by George… Hincapie.

The recovery corset. Yummy.

A quick overview or actually a delicious closer view of goodies women have and Hincapie should think about. The Spanx shaping & firming panty–lace and double layer “power fabric” to firm tummy and rear.

The Firm Control Instant Slimmer hi-waist brief that shapes your mid-section and wicks moisture! And once you’re in full compression mode, why not a leather corset with buckles? What? It doesn’t match your old Kelme jersey?

Admit you’re just a little intrigued by the bold new world of athletic recovery? Sure, a Victorian or goth corset seems bizarre at first but so was sleeping in an oxygen tent.

Hincapie’s new BMC teammate, former world champion and still Italian, Alessandro Ballan, is no stranger to sexy recovery lingerie. The whole BMC racing team is anxious to slip into something comfortable after a grueling day in the saddle. Who wouldn’t like to slip into these undergarments after a hard day motor-pacing or hill repeats?

All we’re saying is, the recovery product category will get pretty exciting in the coming years. Twisted Spoke hopes Hincapie Sports in right there at the front, leading the pack.

And did we mention recovery creams — scented, edible, physiologically uhh, helpful?

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  1. Jennifer October 21, 2009 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Polka dots – yes!

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