Victoria Pendleton. Best legs in cycling.

//Victoria Pendleton. Best legs in cycling.

Victoria Pendleton. Best legs in cycling.

Victoria Pendleton, cycling goddess.

We were idly scanning the cycling web sites when we were struck by a vision. Hunting for more Giro news, rider interviews and drug scuttlebutt, we suddenly saw what at first appeared to be a mirage but was in fact Victoria Pendleton showing off the  most beautiful and powerful legs we’ve ever seen. The 28-year-old is described by FHM’s website as having “the sort of legs that could, should you inadvertently find yourself in a sexual embrace with the woman, kill you”.

Wearing your basic Victoria’s secret lingerie (what an appropriate brand name ) and 4 inch stiletto heels, the lovely Victoria goes on to tell us that some bikeracer chicks actually aren’t that feminine, saying “Some of the girls I race against are quite masculine and have very low voices and facial hair.” It is possible that this is the cycling outfit of the future? Can these high heels accommodate a Look or Shimano cleat?

For those unfamiliar with her stunning bio and cycling successes, it almost seems unfair. A gold medal on the track in Beijing and she was also awarded an MBE, Member of the Order of The British Empire. Perhaps we’re all spending too much time on the Giro and Tour de France. Victoria should seriously consider going the Lance Armstrong route and writing a book. Something like It’s Not About The Bike. It’s About The Legs. Could be a best-seller–as long as there are lots of pictures.

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    She's got a great bio . . . .

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