Menchov talks Vuelta smack.

///Menchov talks Vuelta smack.

Menchov talks Vuelta smack.

Mo Menchov talks trash.

Is Denis Menchov getting feisty?

Does he suddenly have a bee in his bonnet, a burr in his saddle, did he just accidently down a quart of Mexican hot sauce?

We ask because Mr. Silent Assassin, the least quotable man after George Hincapie, is suddenly talking a little trash. Is it the fat new contract with Geox? Is it all that free Italian footwear they sent him? Did he just get a divorce and shack up with some Thai soft core porn starlet?  In other words, wassup with Denis throwing down so hard?

Here’s what the formerly Silent Assassin had to say about his competition in the Vuelta, the Brothers Schleck: “On reputation they appear to be the most dangerous. But they have to prove it.” For Dissing Denis, that’s the equivalent of saying, “the Schlecks suck. I’m gonna kick their skinny little Luxembourg asses.” Has Menchov been hanging around with Mark Cavendish learning the art of smack?

What’s going on here, we ask in mock seriousness? Next thing you know, Menchov is going to lose his Three Stooges haircut and start looking like Danilo di Luca — maybe even go with some blonde highlights.

Maybe Denis Menchov has just reached that pointed in his career where a change of scenery and personality were required. Maybe he’s feeling a little Cipollini, maybe he feels like hitting some nightclubs, crashing a Porsche, burning a few bridges, launching some spit, handing out the one finger salute. It’s a drag being the quiet one, always careful, never saying the mean-spirited and funny stuff you simply can’t let out in polite public. Maybe Denis just loosened his Sidis and it feels damn good.

Watch out for Denis. He may or may not be a wild man.

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  1. Sam Parker August 24, 2010 at 10:00 am - Reply

    I tried this earlier today but it didn't take…

    Menchov is good. A Giro and two Vueltas are nothing to scoff about, but saying the Schlecks haven't proven themselves rings a little hollow. At the Tour, didn't one of them place second this year? That trumps a third (which is as high as Menchov has ever managed at the Tour), and although a grand tour win is an accomplishment, the Tour is THE grand tour. Not the same as the Giro or the Vuelta.

    For me personally, whether or not I like a rider isn't the issue. I like seeing things that amaze me. Things that I just cannot imagine myself doing…McEwewn on the run in of a sprint stage, knocking elbows with Cipollini and lord knows who else, through tight corners, in the rain, without a train to follow of his own…at 65kph+. Now that is amazing, and a feat of bike handling to behold.

    Menchov, on the other hand…isn't he the guy that fell down going uphill in a Tour climb hairpin? WTF? He came off so many times from last TT at 09 Giro through the 09 Tour (remember the TTT?). Is it the bike? The wheels?

    Maybe he feels that since he learned how to ride a bike at three or five or whatever, that he doesn't need to work on bike handling skills. Leave that to the little/fat tired group to work on? Hmmm.

    Don't get me wrong, anyone that makes it to the professional level is a special athlete in an insanely difficult sport: I recognized that to begin this comment, but Menchov has some proving of his own to do. He needs to tighten his grip and put the spurs in deep to stay on his bike. If he comes off again any time soon, it will just be funnier than it already is

    • walshworld August 24, 2010 at 12:49 pm - Reply

      Sam, you're double approved. It's funny that certain pro riders, for all their miles and races and training aren't good bike handlers. Bizarre. But to change the subject, I'm at the Flamingo for Interbike baby. Yeah!!!!!

  2. Al August 24, 2010 at 11:30 am - Reply

    One of the few people who looks better with a helmet on.

  3. Sam Parker August 24, 2010 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    Menchov is good. Two Vueltas and a Giro are nothing to scoff at. But it is interesting that he enters the media fray with some Schleck Brother smack down. Whether or not I personally like a competitor has more to do with seeing amazing things done on a bike. Things I couldn’t imagine doing myself. McEwen dicing it up in a sprint finish with Cipollini, in tight corners, in the rain, with no train of his own to follow…at 65kph+…now that is something to see.
    Menchov, on the other hand…isn’t he the guy that fell down going uphill in a Tour climb hairpin? WTF?
    He came off the bike so many times from ’09 final Giro time trial into the ’09 Tour (remember the TTT?) that it makes me wonder. Is it the wheels? Is it the bike? Curious.
    Or is that since he learned to ride a bike at three or five or whatever that he feels that bike handling is for the little/fat tired bunch to work on. Believe me, I know that any athlete that has made it into the professional ranks is special…I started this comment recognizing that. Menchov needs to tighten the grip and keep the spurs in it to stay on. If he comes off again any time soon, it will be way funnier than it allready is.

  4. Ricola August 24, 2010 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    I hope he can back his comments up with results. Hopefully he'll change a bit more into an attacker, just as Evans did this season with the rainbow jersey on his shoulders.

    • walshworld August 27, 2010 at 2:49 am - Reply

      Yeah, time for Denis to take some chances and live life on the wild side.

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