Magnus Cort, Danish king of the Tour de France

//Magnus Cort, Danish king of the Tour de France

Magnus Cort, Danish king of the Tour de France

Magnus Cort (EF Education EasyPost) is on cloud nine. A Dane riding in bright red polka dots through adorning throngs of Danish fans in Denmark. It’s like his own private cycling festival with Cort as Master of ceremonies and guest of honor. He is rolling around his home country cheered by millions of fans.. 

He’s laughing, he’s smiling, he’s waving to fans, he is basking in the warm sunshine of adoration. There is nobody in the entire world of sport having a more magical time than Cort. “It was amazing and for sure it inspired me a lot to really give it everything, to give it everything out there. It’s a big help to have so many Danes and flags and people screaming my name on the road,” he said. “It’s really inspiring.”

He’s riding is own private race, minutes in front of the peloton, the whole road, countryside and crowds to himself. He feels the collective pride and joy of a nation radiating all around him. If as as cliche goes, the yellow jersey gives you the strength of two men, how much strength do these polka dots give him? He’s not pedaling anymore — he is surfing on an energy wave generated by endless lines of fans. 

Cort has more cameras and smartphones on him than any Hollywood star. He’s now the most famous man in Denmark, A King surveying his lands from a carbon Cannondale race bike. From this day forth, he’s never paying for his own drinks ever again. That’s a lifetime of cheers not matter where he goes. 

It’s the Tour de France but for the last two days it’s been le Tour de Cort. He’s feeling the love kilometer after kilometer after kilometer. “It’s unbelievable to be riding around out there, especially when I was in the break and people have a bit more time to see you coming and they scream your name. That’s something I have never experienced like that before and I probably never will,” said Magnus.

The name Magnus is Latin for “great,” in Old Norse the name means “power-house.” Is there a more appropriate title for Cort, who has put on a one-man show to thunderous applause? “I knew it was a really good opportunity for me to get on the Tour de France podium in Denmark and it’s unbelievable that I was there wearing one of the jerseys. For me the biggest and the most important is to get it on Danish soil and then ride in it. That mission is completed, and that’s a really good feeling.”

All hail the king.





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