Love Wheels Nagoya. Shameless cheese or kooky gem?

//Love Wheels Nagoya. Shameless cheese or kooky gem?

Love Wheels Nagoya. Shameless cheese or kooky gem?

Love Wheels rock.

Okay, this is not the jaw dropping gift from cycling and pseudo bondage Heaven that was the CyclePassion 2010 calendar. Famous euro mountain biker and downhill babes in leather and bike tire hoop skirts. (Sure beats the old Il Pirata posters of Pantani for shear framability.

However, lightening strikes twice with this strange Asian import that hits all the right cheeseball and oddball kookiness notes. Yes, we’re talking about theĀ Love Wheels Nagoya 2010 Calendar at the bizarre little Crankee website. There’s some weird vibe that is either naively beautiful or edging toward pimp exploitation. Twisted Spoke is honestly at a loss to decide.

According to the product write-up, “Nagoya is the Asian Detroit, Home to Toyota Motors and the Love Wheels Girls. But this group of Japanese pedal beauties have no interest in dirty cars. Love Wheels Nagoya – 2010 Bicycle Calendar features some of Nagoya’s prettiest and hottest babes posing with their velocipedes in costumes raging from exotic to Cosplay in nature.”

This is like one of those gag gifts you grab in Chinatown or Japantown to embarrass friends. Like a penis shaped back scratcher or a bag of dried octopus tentacles. So while you’re deciding how many to buy for friends and family, check out the amazing Nagoya Bike Dance. It’s a must see.


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  1. Crankee January 24, 2010 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Well, I wouldn't go as far as comparing the calendar to a penis shaped back scratcher. But it does certainly have something to do with penises.

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