Lequatre wants Radio Shack Tour ride. Allez bib short sales!

/, Tour de France/Lequatre wants Radio Shack Tour ride. Allez bib short sales!

Lequatre wants Radio Shack Tour ride. Allez bib short sales!

Radio Shack’s Frenchman Geoffroy Lequatre wants a Tour de France ride this season. It’s all about the bib-shorts and he made that pretty clear.

“The stated objective of my season will be the Tour de France, if I manage to participate,” Lequatre said. “It would be the highlight of my year, and I would go with some ambitions.”

Ambitions? You’re damn right he’s got ambitions. Not just for the bib shorts — no, he wants on that Radio Shack tour roster for the socks, hats and arm warmers, too.

Lequatre Poker.

Jeff LeFour, as we like to call him, has ridden the tour three times. He knows it’s the biggest race of the year, that media exposure is massive and and even though it’s still nine months away, he can almost hear the avalanche of euros falling into his lap.

The Frenchman knows he needs to get on that Radio Shack team for La Grande Boucle because sales of his G4 Dimension cycling apparel and casual clothes will go thru le roof. Just ask Big George and Hincapie Sports what those tour rides have done for sales.

This is smart marketing and the 29 year old Lequatre looking to build a business for when he’s done racing. Last season, he came within 400 yards of winning Paris-Nice but no doubt earned himself a serious bump in bib short sales.

As he said in his interview with Cyclismactu.net, “I think that I shouldn’t look on it as a defeat but as a point of departure towards other things. Even if the victory didn’t come at the end of it all, it proved to me that I can do good things at a high level. The episode has opened up greater prospects for next year.”

That would be prospects of the financial kind. Now, he’s riding for the team and riding for his G4 bottom line. After looking at sales projections, power point presentations and consulting with his investors, he came to one obvious conclusion: I need to get back to Le Tour and do Le Business.

Here’s hoping the Jeff LeFour gets his Radio Shack ride in the Tour de France. Because his crazy Poker bibs are simply a must-have. Chapeau, Jeff.

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    Did you mean Paris-Tour and not Paris-Nice ?

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