Leopard-Radio Shack merger and Sergeant Schultz.

//Leopard-Radio Shack merger and Sergeant Schultz.

Leopard-Radio Shack merger and Sergeant Schultz.

"I know Nothing."

Kim Andersen, the sports director for Leopard must have a fondness for 60’s TV comedy Hogans Heroes. The plot was always the same — American soldiers running operations against the Nazis from, of all places, a German prisoner of war camp run by incompetents.

Schultz, the German Sergeant, had his signature line about not wanting to know what the American’s had planned that week. At least once an episode, he’d utter his classic “I know nothing.”

Same goes for Kim Anderson who told the media he knows nothing about the rumored Leopard-Radio Shack merger. He knows nothing about team financier Fabio Becca putting pressure on Brian Nygaard over team results and the lack of a major sponsor.

He knows nothing about Johan Bruyneel coming in to run the show. He also knows nothing about stories that Nygaard will be talking a press job with the new Australian team, GreenEdge.

“It’s not something I know anything about, but I’ve been out at the races,” said Andersen. So don’t expect any information whatsoever from Anderson on this merger deal. He’s going to say the same thing that Schultz always said.

“I know nothing.”

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