Leipheimer wins Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, guarantees Tour victory!

//Leipheimer wins Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, guarantees Tour victory!

Leipheimer wins Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, guarantees Tour victory!

The Tour de France girls kiss even better.

Okay, trick headline. He didn’t really say that–I just threw that out there because… it’s going to happen! Yes, I am the Nostradamus of bike racing predictions.

But first, congrats to the slient partner in the Lance and Aberto show for winning Castilla y Leon.  I’ve always liked Levi because he’s a class guy and level headed. He just trains hard, does the team thing and when it’s his turn he delivers the goods. He never whines, makes excuses, calls other riders out, works the press for his own ends. He never flings pasta at the team dinner table. He’s a professional in every sense. Which is why he’s gonna win the Tour this year. Yes, you heard it here. Why? Because it’s just the way the universe works if he cashes in all his karma at once.

What happens, you ask incredulously? Lance crashes out of the Tour (see privious bad luck Lance post) or gets whopping cough or decides he really should be home changing diapers. Contador succumbs to Lance-induced stress after months of needling and psychological hazing by the Texan and fades terribly in the mountains. And so Levi becomes the man and Astana pushes him all the way to the podium. It could happen, it should happen. And then he will graciously ask me to write his auto-biography because I knew all along. When only one other person knew he would win, that person was me. And he and I will become best buddies and we’ll barbecue at his place in August in Santa Rosa. Why not? I’m just down the road. We’ll drink some French wine and grill some low-fat turkey burgers. We’ll laugh, trade stories and he’ll check my position on my road bike. A perfect day. I hope he has a pool for my kids.

That’s the scoop. It’s also just a simple case of obeying the cycling alphabet and following the clues. Lemond, Lance, Landis, Levi. No L, no American winner.

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