Last slice of Tour de France cheesecake.

///Last slice of Tour de France cheesecake.

Last slice of Tour de France cheesecake.

Cutest young woman at Tour de France?

Twisted Spoke made all sorts of fundamental mistakes at out first Tour de France. Not having a GPS, forgetting France is a huge country, not bringing fast drying underwear.

But perhaps most egregious was willfully ignoring the two cardinal rules of search engine optimization in the Tour de France. If you ain’t writing about podium girls or Lance Armstrong, you’re just plain stupid and not making google cash.

We’re all for pandering when we’re in the mood — which is surprisingly often — but the amazing experience of being at the tour was so much bigger than chasing after podium girl shots at the end of every stage. I liked the idea but the motivation just wasn’t there.

That said, as a parting tour goodbye we send you this postcard with my vote for cutest tour girl. Not the most striking or sexy, just pure French sweetness.

Carrefour is a big department store and major tour sponsor, the Carrefour girls are always dressed in the white and red polka dot pants or dresses.

Tell me you wouldn’t like to listen to her read you a French menu in heavily accented broken English? Au revoir, tour girls. A bientot.

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