Lance, Frank & Ferrari. Why so unaffected?

//Lance, Frank & Ferrari. Why so unaffected?

Lance, Frank & Ferrari. Why so unaffected?


Frank optimistic.

We have a theory about doping that along with all the other side effects comes this euphoric sense of optimism.

How else to explain some of the reactions of late? After the 200 page USADA “reasoned decision” destroyed any pretense that he never doped, after seeing his legend destroyed in public, Lance Armstrong claims he is “unaffected.” No reaction, huh? Just figure this whole thing will blow over?

Then today we have Frank Schleck telling us all he’s confident about his defense for the doping positive in this year’s Tour de France. “I am very happy and I have a good feeling. We put a lot of time and energy into preparing our defense. I have every confidence that the disciplinary commission will come to the correct result after our statements.”

Good feelings? Every assessment we’ve ever read says Schleck the elder is in the same trouble that nailed Alberto Contador. Unless you can prove who put the banned substance in your system, count on a suspension. Seems unlikely Schleck has that kind of proof and given the backdrop of the USADA report, the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency can’t possibly go easy on Frank. Andy rides alone but Frank has more time for fishing.

The headline from cyclingnews this morning reads: “Dr Ferrari unperturbed by USADA evidence.” This despite being mentioned 489 times in the 202 page report. Say this for Dr. Evil, he’s not the nervous type or prone to panic attacks. And his track record of avoiding prosecution in Italy is impressive.

In the wake of the suspension farce over Filippo Pozzato working with Ferrari,  the Italian Olympic Committee was forced to admit they’d left Ferrari off their list of banned doctors. As the Inner Ring notes, they can’t even manage their own paperwork. No wonder Ferrari just keeps filling the syringes without a care in the world.

Twisted Spoke wonders what they put in those banned substances. People ride faster and exhibit signs of extreme optimism.

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  1. The SuperStorm October 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Frankie get caught using Fuentes’ (Operation Puerto) services while with Riis at CSC? That was swept under the rug.
    Ferrari has dirt on lots of peeps in the “Community.”
    WADA, CONI, and the UCI would be wise to leave him alone…
    He could go like Ken “Frito” Lay went.

    • walshworld October 16, 2012 at 3:48 pm - Reply

      I don’t know the Frank Operacion Puerto case well but it sure seems like he got off pretty lightly. Franks has his own problems right now. Doubt we’ll see him riding next year. Matt

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