Lance Armstrong passes crown to Cavendish. Test passed.

//Lance Armstrong passes crown to Cavendish. Test passed.

Lance Armstrong passes crown to Cavendish. Test passed.

We have a new winner.

The inevitable day has arrived and Armstrong has finally relinquished his crown to a worthy successor. The Texan proudly stated on more than a thousand occasions that he was “the most tested athlete in the world.”

Now retired and fighting  a federal investigation into claims by Floyd Landis that he and his US Postal team-mates doped, Armstrong is now longer “the most tested athlete” except as a footnote in certain legal documents.

The honor of most tested athlete may now rest on the shoulders of new World Road Race Champion, Mark Cavendish of Team Sky. The young Briton is almost sure he has the title wrapped up.

“In the last three years I’ve had over 60 dope tests a year and in 2008/09 I was the most tested athlete on the planet,” Cavendish told Sky Sports. The Manxman declined to give out his number of dope tests in 2010 but that high score puts him at the top of the list.

Like Lance Armstrong before him, Cavendish has made the Tour de France his personal showcase, consistently dominating almost every sprint finish. While the American champion notched up seven overall Tour victories and many yellow jerseys, Cavendish has twenty Tour stage wins.

Thus, the super-star sprinter appears to be a natural successor to the crown of “most tested athlete in the world.”

However, do not shed a tear for Mr. Armstrong — he has moved on to far bigger things. He is now “the most investigated athlete in sports.” A crown he will likely hold for the foreseeable future.

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