Lampre signs 35 year old Honda and Hondo.

//Lampre signs 35 year old Honda and Hondo.

Lampre signs 35 year old Honda and Hondo.

Sprinter Honda

The Italian ProTour team Lampre announced yesterday that they had signed Honda for one year. The 35 year old motorcycle is expected to help Lampre in all the big races. Lampre had also signed sprinter Danilo Hondo the previous day.

Management was quoted as saying “they’re both pretty fast. Hondo has some mileage on him but so does the Honda. We just wanted some insurance in case one of them breaks down mid-season. Besides, the Honda was less than 600 bucks on ebay.”

The Honda model CB360 has 7953 miles, some light rust  and is all original except for the mufflers. Hondo is German, also with some rust and a drug suspension.

Honda and Hondo will join teammates Alessandro Petacchi and Damiano Cunego.

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