Koerber tests positive for baby, season over.

//Koerber tests positive for baby, season over.

Koerber tests positive for baby, season over.

Baby, baby, baby.

Top professional mountain biker Willow Koerber admitted yesterday that she has tested positive for a baby. According to UCI regulation 8937.K.55, this is considered a pregnancy. A B test analysis confirmed the initial results and Koerber is not protesting the findings.

“I had two positive tests for pregnancy the day before the World Cup in South Africa. I am six weeks along,” wrote Koerber in her blog. The presence of a living being inside Koerber meant of course that her season was over, as she immediately announced a self-imposed baby ban.

“With my team’s support, I chose not to start the World Cup. At his point in my life, I could never forgive myself if something happened to this little soul who obviously has some wonderful reasons for choosing me as his mother. The timing doesn’t seem perfect, but in the case of new life, the timing is somehow always perfect isn’t it?”

Koerber, who was a prominent feature of the Cyclepassion calendar, specifically in a naked embrace with biker Heather Irmiger, was philosophical about testing positive.

“If you were to ask me my plan now, it starts with shifting from overwhelmed to excited, from bittersweet to full of joy and from doubt into trust,” wrote Koerber. “I plan to continue to ride and exercise day to day, to write the book I have been talking about, to nurture myself, my baby, Myles and his son, and to be back in World Cup action next spring.”

The UCI was equally happy about Koerber deciding to accept the pregnancy test results and baby ban. “We wish Willow well and we’re happy to say in this case we don’t have to go to the Court for Arbitration in Sport,” said spokesman Erico Lamaze.

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