Horner tweets frustration again.

//Horner tweets frustration again.

Horner tweets frustration again.

Horner in huff?

Perhaps experiencing another round of frustration over his lack of a new contract, Vuelta a Espana winner Chris Horner unleashed a second twitter rant. From 1am to 2am Tuesday, the nearly 42 year old rider sent out a dozen tweets from his account.

What? They hire that kid Matthew Busche — isn’t that a beer? #ridiculous

Laurent Didier? Really? Is that guy gonna help Andy win the Tour in the mountains? #ridiculous

I even told the Schleck bros I’d go fishing with them in the off-season! #ridiculous

I’m almost 42 and I can ride another 10 years!!!! #ridiculous

I’m a physiological freak of nature — just ask Allen Lim. #ridiculous

What — they give 41 year old Voigt a contract and not me? I’m funnier than Voigt and I win more races. #ridiculous

I wish Johan was still around — then I wouldn’t have this contract BS. #ridiculous

Do I really have to sign for some French team? Non, non, non! #ridiculous

I could wear a wig. I said I would. So I don’t look so old and decrepit. #ridiculous

I won the freakin’ Vuelta! Did Lance or Lemond do that? I should be rolling in fat stacks! #ridiculous







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  1. mss October 16, 2013 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    I think he might have had a few Matthew Busche’s prior to tweeting, but he is funny.

    • walshworld October 18, 2013 at 9:18 am - Reply

      Mike, hey, I made those tweets up but yes, Horner is a funny guy. Still doesn’t have a team either. We gotta catch up. Matt

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