Giro Agilis helmet. High performance, highly affordable

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Giro Agilis helmet. High performance, highly affordable

The Giro Agilis helmet is designed with your financial sanity in mind.

This lid takes plenty of design cues and features from more expensive helmets in the Giro line but keeps the price tag at $100. That makes me happy; it keeps my credit card from exploding.

I’ve been wearing the Agilis for about six months. Once upon a time I used to buy more expensive helmets but I don’t see the need anymore. I feel like this model hits the right balance on style and substance — and for the price you still get an integrated MIPS system to reduce forces from rotational impact.

I’ve always loved the cool, sculpted appearance of Giro helmets and the Agilis keeps that aesthetic. It looks more expensive than it actually is. There are 32 vents, a top notch Roc Loc 5 retention system and you get a little extra rear coverage wrapping around behind your ears. Which is nice if you’re doing both road and gravel. The hard shell with in-mold EPS helps absorb energy in case you’re having a very bad day and crash.

This is a comfortable helmet, well built and well-vented. Is it the most obscenely light or the most aerodynamic? No, it isn’t. Will you notice the extra few grams? No, you won’t. Will you lament not gaining a few aero seconds? No, you won’t. Will you be thrilled you have a high performance helmet that didn’t cost $250? Oh, yes you most certainly will.

Like all Giro helmets, the Agilis fits a more narrow, oval shaped head the best. One chin strap adjustment and I’m good to go. You adjust the fit by turning the rear dial and the retention system also has a three position adjuster to allow the rear cradle to sit higher or lower on the back of your head. The straps are thin but nice and solid. There are five options for color and pattern.

The Giro Agilis delivers everything I want in a helmet: Style and performance without an insane price.








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