Frank Schleck in trouble with UCI over training camp zip-line.

//Frank Schleck in trouble with UCI over training camp zip-line.

Frank Schleck in trouble with UCI over training camp zip-line.


Schleck caught in zip-line faux pas?

While RadioShack-Nissan Trek’s Frank Schleck remains in limbo over his doping positive in the 2012 Tour de France, he may have again run afoul of UCI regulations.

The Luxembourger attended his team training camp this weekend and appears to have broken a UCI rule that forbids riders under investigation from zip-lining.

RadioShack riders engaged in numerous team building activities including orienteering, canoeing, wood chopping, field first aid and river fording. However, zip-lining is an infraction of UCI rule 47:12 section II4 with states that “riders under investigation who participate in organized team activities are forbidden to engage in any transportation from tree to tree using a cable and harness. Such violations will result in the application of additional sanctions.”

Schleck already faces the possibility of a one to two year suspension for the banned diuretic Xipamide. The Luxembourg Cycling Federation has scheduled a second hearing on the matter for December 12th. The possibility of an extended penalty for zip-lining at camp could keep the talented climber out of competition for a prolonged period of time.

Team management at RadioShack-Nissan Trek reacted with anger when told of the unknown regulation. “Frank had no idea and we are completely caught off-guard,” said new director sportif Luca Guercilena. “If we had known, he could have done a night hike or something instead of the zip-line. He could have chopped twice as much wood. This is truly an outrage.”

Team officials describe Frank Schleck as “distraught” after hearing the news he may be in even more legal difficulty. “He was very low when we returned from the camp,” said press officer Philippe Maertens. “His brother Andy was furious. There are just too many of these obscure UCI regulations. I mean, why is canoeing okay but zip-lining against the rules? It makes no sense.”

The UCI refused any comment on the matter but did release a statement later in the day. “It is the responsibility of team management and riders to be aware of all regulations pertaining to suspension. The matter of Frank Schleck is under review however we reserve further comment until our investigations are completed.”




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