Doping products from Armstrong film on sale.

//Doping products from Armstrong film on sale.

Doping products from Armstrong film on sale.

For sale: Postal needles.

In the latest cycling news, UK-based bike shop Ultimate Cycles has announced they are selling a hundred bikes used in the Armstrong movie directed by Stephan Frears.

The bikes include vintage replicas of 30 Condor Classico and Italia RC bikes painted to look exactly like period bikes from Merckx, Giant and MBK, plus 12 Pitangos, 20 Trek 5000 up to Madone and everything from Pinarellos and De Rosas to Gazelles and Peugeots.

However, those aren’t the only props on sale from the film which is now deep in post-production. Also up for grabs are hundreds of syringes, blood bags and pill bottles used in shooting the doping scenes of Armstrong and his US Postal teammates.

Far less expensive to purchase (and ship) than the replica bikes, the syringes and blood bags are a good way for people to own something special from the film. “The needles are in great shape – still sharp, most of them clean and sterilized,” said Nile Hamptons, props manager for the film. “I personally washed out the blood bags and we throw in the surgical tubing for free.”

Armstrong fans will also have the rare opportunity to purchase the “lunch paper bags” and thermos containers that carried various doping products. The famous “wire coat hangers” used to hang up the blood bags in hotel rooms are also for sale, too.

In fact, Hamptons said there are several one-of-a-kind items that should be of great value to the sophisticated collector of doping memorabilia from cycling films.

“We have the toilet we built for the team bus that they flushed drugs away in,” said Hamptons. “Prop guys did a fantastic job with that – it really looks exactly like the toilet in the real team bus at the time. A very special item, a real conversation starter.”

For those people interested in something more sanitary, there will also be some wardrobe items from the movie. Although sizes are limited, the production company is selling off several Italian track pants and jackets and Hugo Boss suits worn by the character playing the role of evil doping Dr. Michele Ferrari.

Stay tuned. Additional items from the Frears Armstrong movie may also be put up for sale. Like the copy of Sheryl Crow’s acoustic guitar that was used to serenade Armstrong.


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