Diesel/Pinarello fixie. Fashion forward.

//Diesel/Pinarello fixie. Fashion forward.

Diesel/Pinarello fixie. Fashion forward.

Does every single fashion brand now have their own single speed collaboration? Seems like every company selling designer jeans or hipster furniture has hooked up with a bike manufacturer to capitalize on the fixie-cruiser fad. It’s a bike-borne virus.

Our latest discovery: the Diesel and Pinarello fixed gear. Now, both are Italian so at least that makes sense. The strangely named Only The Brave model has a hydroformed aluminum frame, will sell for 850 euros ($1,200), comes in Diesel Green and Matt Black versions and will be on sale at select Diesel stores.

For that price we might rename it Only The Rich but that’s just our wallet. The amusement comes courtesy of Fausto Pinarello himself: “We are part of two different industries: they make people feel comfortable and we make people feel tired…but we share the typical Italian creativity and the constant desire to astonish and surprise our clients!”

For a bigger fix on the fixie, check out the bicycle design website. Time to buy jeans and a bike.

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