Dear Mr. McQuaid, did you know Valverde’s still racing?

//Dear Mr. McQuaid, did you know Valverde’s still racing?

Dear Mr. McQuaid, did you know Valverde’s still racing?

That guy McQuaid, he makes me laugh.

Hey Pat, just an FYI, heads up kinda thing.

That Spanish guy, the one from Operacion Puerto four years ago that the Court of Arbitration finally busted last month… yeah, Valverde.

The guy that won like, what — over 20 major races while his lawyers ran circles around your governing body —  yup, Alejandro Valverde, rides for Caisse, remember him?

Well, he was racing this weekend at the GP Miguel Indurain. Yeah, can you believe it? Came in second place– another podium finish. From the guy you said for years was guilty and an embarrassment to the sport, the guy you said you were gonna hit with a two year ban.

But you’re waiting again, I know. Paperwork, translations, legal minutiae. Wanna see how the other CAS case turns out — not that it has any bearing on the ban.  Would have thought you’d have your ducks in a row, what with the years to prepare for every possible legal scenario and outcome. Oh well.

So there he was, same Spanish guy, at the race with a number pinned on and people were laughing. Not at Alejandro — they love him — no,  at you, Pat. Yeah, I gotta tell you they don’t take you too seriously in Spain.

Valverde just wakes up every morning and just  goes racing not matter what you said. Hey, by the way, saw your picture in Japan or China, handing some dignitary a gift box. So I guess you’re busy, huh?

Maybe you should have been back at the HQ signing the global two year ban you’ve been talking big about. I know the trips are fun and I’m the to admit free drinks and appertisers are tempting but you do have responsibilities to the cycling world. It’s on your business card — check it out — president of UCI.

So keep your eyes out because I think this Valverde guy is going do another race. Maybe he figures you might forget or something. I mean, you’ve never stopped him before. Only those CONI Italian guys have the guts for that  — btw, you got any Italians on your staff — maybe they could write the ban and sign for you?

Okay, well, just wanted to make sure you knew. You’re the top guy and sometimes you miss these things and your people don’t want to bother you with the hard stuff and difficult decisions.

I’d put a guy on Valverde, watch his every move. I will bet euros he’s already signed up for another race — can you believe the balls on that guy? He thinks you got nothing, Pat.

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  1. eyedubya April 4, 2010 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Another excellent post in your consistently brilliant production line Mr Twisted. Keep up the good work – please. For ages, on-line I only knew about Blazing Saddles for insightful humour regarding the world of professional cycling but thanks to his recommendation on twitter I stumbled across you a few weeks ago. Thanks again. ian.

    • walshworld April 8, 2010 at 6:41 pm - Reply

      Hey Ian, didn’t know blazing saddles put in a good word. Glad to hear that as I’m a regular reader of BS. Yeah, there’s a shortage of humor in cycling but I’m working on that. Thanks for taking the time to write. Matt

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