Photographer Camille McMillan covers Team Sky. Swedish style.

//Photographer Camille McMillan covers Team Sky. Swedish style.

Photographer Camille McMillan covers Team Sky. Swedish style.

McMillan on his knees.

Maybe you woke up today with an itch for a Swedish magazine style TV segment (click here) on cycling photographer Camille McMillan. He’s shot for everyone from Cycle Sport to Rouleur.

In Swedish but all the interviews are in English as McMillan talks about his photographic obsession while he covers Team Sky. “I love the noise, I love the adrenaline, I love the excitement, I love the stories,” said McMillan. “It eludes me. I do love this, no I don’t but then I keep coming back. Because I love it.”

McMillan is as addicted to the sport as any ProTour rider and seems driven to capture every possible image. The segment is a revealing look at another side of the sport, the one with the camera.

Favorite moment: McMillan laying on the floor of the Sky bus shooting rider legs. “It’s in me too deep to stop taking pictures of bicycles,” says the bleary eyed McMillan. “It’s just a part of me.”

Bonus and double bonus. Two short pieces on hipster musician cyclist David Bryne and Mikael Coolville-Andersen, the Danish blogger behind the popular Copenhagen Cycle Chic web site.

Thumbs up from Twisted Spoke. You may even pick up a phrase in Swedish.

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  1. Colin McAdam April 24, 2010 at 11:30 am - Reply

    love the blog and this is post is a great find – thanks for posting – love this and cant speak a word of Swedish!

    • walshworld April 24, 2010 at 2:54 pm - Reply

      Hi Colin, thanks for writing. Glad you love the blog. McMillan sure is an obsessive dude but there’s no arguing with his results. SOme amazing shots and he knows how to capture the sport. Matt

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