Cool bikes from Interbike.

//Cool bikes from Interbike.

Cool bikes from Interbike.

Interbike is proof that while the world economy collapsed, that just put more nutballs in the garage to tinker.

The number of foldable, electric, cruiser, single-speed, dutch, beach, tri and delivery bikes would blow both your mind and budget. Twisted Spoke’s brain in numb and our feet are aching after walking the entire Interbike floor. We needed a bike, that’s a fact.

Here’s just a photographic sampling of the artistry, kookiness, brilliance, cynical marketing and inspired tinkering going on. 

Puma. Go shopping for really big shoes.

Puma, the athletic shoe company with the dangerous furry animal, has put together a number of nifty cruisers and single speeds with distinctive paint jobs. And yeah, a front rack to carry your new shoes.

Biomega Bamboo

Danish company Biomega builds what they’re hipster industrial designers call “furniture for urban locomotion.” It’s art gallery stuff and the boys have a slew of art gallery awards and recognition from cool trendsetters who decide our future not matter what we think. What Twisted Spoke thinks? Snazz-ola. Beautiful gee-gaws on two wheels and we have added Biomega to out list of “Things we must steal or get below wholesale.” We’re working on that….

Mystery company Livery Design is another entrant in the sexy bikes with cool paint jobs category. Is there in fact any other category? The Huntington Beach, California homebase is all you need to know about slick and stylish, it’s the same HQ as skate and surf youth brand Hurley. Their green on green machine caught our eye and we came back several times to re-oogle.

DL. Delicious? Luminous?

Maybe you’re not obsessed with cool or insane new technology, you just want to spread love, truth and understanding. Good luck with that. But in any case, you can pedal your hopeless case to the deaf masses on your amazing shiny flower machine, a crazy one-off by Cruiser Candy. Sure they don’t even make the bike and it was just an Interbike show ploy, but damn is was unforgettable.

Flower bike. Does not need watering.

Twisted Spoke must now to drink copious amounts of overpriced Vegas drinks. After all, the bikes were just an excuse, right? More later.

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