“Contador the favorite.” Johan Bruyneel quotes for the next four months.

/, Armstrong, Astana, Radio Shack/“Contador the favorite.” Johan Bruyneel quotes for the next four months.

“Contador the favorite.” Johan Bruyneel quotes for the next four months.

Quote me for July.

A few quotes.

Today at the start of the Tour of Murcia, Radio Shack team manager Johan Bruyneel once again announced to the cycling world that, surprise,surprise, “Contador is the favorite” to win the 2010 Tour de France.

Not exactly ground breaking news or a startling admission. But here at Twisted Spoke we’ve broken the time-space continuum and are bringing you the exact quotes from Bruyneel for the next several months. It’s the early bird special.

Bruyneel quote for mid-March: “Contador is the favorite.”

Quote for April: “Contador is the favorite.

Quote for May: “Contador is the favorite.”

Quote for June: “Contador is the favorite.”

Quote for the seven days before Tour de France: “Contador is the favorite.”

After first week of Tour: Contador is the favorite.

Okay, we’ve scooped all major cycling publications by quoting Johan Bruyneel months before even he knew what he was going to say. Astonishing, really.

In fact, we’re bringing you the in-depth, preemptive quotes from all the players. That’s the kind of race coverage and reportage you deserve. A few more scoops and “exact quotes” for the next few months.

Lance Armstrong: “Fine, Contador is the favorite but I’m still The Boss.

Saxo Bank’s Bjarne Riis: “Contador is the favorite.”

Andy Schleck: “Contador is the favorite.”

Alejandro Valverde: I’m suspended but Contador is the favorite.

Mark Cavendish: “My teeth are still killing me but Contador is the favorite.”

Bradley Wiggins: “I’m better than Lance but Contador is the favorite.”

Phil Liggett “I’m going to disagree with my friend Bob Roll and say Contador is the favorite.”

Jonathan Vaughters: “I’m still mad at Brad but Contador is the favorite.”

Alexander Vinkourov: “Contador is the favorite but I’m the secret favorite.”

Riccardo Ricco: “I’d be the favorite but everyone hates me so Contador is the favorite.”

Vani Rossi: Riccardo, please come home to your family and yes, Contador is the favorite.

Tyler Farrar: Whatever, I’m a Buddhist but if you need to say Contador is the favorite, well, namaste.”

Alberto Contador; “Who took my time trial rims again?”

And finally, because this wasn’t easy, we already have the exact Johan Bruyneel quote for August: “Contador is the favorite for the 2011 Tour.”

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