Contador mechanic doors spectator in Giro.

//Contador mechanic doors spectator in Giro.

Contador mechanic doors spectator in Giro.

Faustino, mechanic, bodyguard.

“I’ll fix that guy,” was probably what Alberto Contador’s mechanic as thinking when he doored a spectator who tried to punch his rider during the uphill time trial. Instead, he got himself into a fix.

Giro officials expelled Faustino Muñoz from the race and asked Saxo Bank to return his accreditation. The name Fausto should have been a clue. A Faustian bargain is when an ambitious person cuts a deal with the devil and surrenders moral integrity in order gain power or success.

Faustino, here’s the deal: you can’t whack people with car doors at races. He probably felt he had to take immediate action because while Contador does have bodyguards, they can’t run behind him that fast.

Now, on one hand we appreciate his sense of loyalty and you can be sure Alberto appreciates the thought. Munoz used to work for famed hot-head Director Sportif Manolo Saiz at ONCE — which goes a long way toward explaining the anger management issues. Saiz used to foam at the mouth in rage and issue threats.

Apparently, Munoz is not welcome at the race but can work on Contador’s bike at the hotel. Note to staff: make sure he doesn’t try to degrease the bike on the new carpet. Still, maybe they can set something up the lobby for him.

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  1. Linda May 25, 2011 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    faus-tino as a boy's name is a variant of Faust (Latin), and the meaning of Faustino is "fortunate, enjoying good luck".
    Faustino did not enjoy good luck that day, but you should note the correct meaning of his name! He does not have a history of being a hot head and you are making assumptions.

    • TwistedSpoke May 25, 2011 at 10:38 pm - Reply

      Linda, I love making assumptions, it's what puts a bounce in my step. But yes, Faustino does mean fortunate, saw that in the wikipedia. Twisted Spoke will always go for the joke, no matter how easy, despite whatever relevant and important facts get in the way. But thanks for writing in and keep reading. We're not always fair or accurate but we do aim to amuse. Matt

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