Contador and Shleck in Tour battle of words: "No, you da man."

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Contador and Shleck in Tour battle of words: "No, you da man."

Contador is "da man." I'm the alternate.

Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck went head to head Saturday in a hard-core game of “no, you da man.”

The hard fought match to determine who is the favorite for the 2010 Tour de France was fast and furious. “You da man,” said Alberto of his chief rival Schleck. The Saxo bank rider quickly countered with “No, you da man.”

The match went on for an hour and the final tally, scored by independent judges, reads as follows: Contador, 13 You Da Mans and Schleck 15 You Da Mans. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf declared Alberto the provisional winner.

Reached for comment, Lance Armstrong fired back a series of tweets such as “I’m 7 times da man,” “Kid Contador ain’t the man,” and “Yo, man up, 2010 tdf. Radio ready.”

Cadel Evans weighed in from Australian, saying, “what do you think the M in team BMC stands for? I’m world champion which pretty much makes me “da man” until further notice.”

Twisted Spoke says we got some cyclists talkin’ some serious smack. As rapper Naz says in his justly under-rated song You’re Da Man, “Uh uh, yo, the plan was to knock me out the top of the game. But I understand they truth is all lame. I hold cannons that shoot balls of flames.”

No matter. The high mountains will decide, as they always do, the answer to the eternal question: Who is da man?

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