Cicli Maestro. Italian single-speed amore-fest.

//Cicli Maestro. Italian single-speed amore-fest.

Cicli Maestro. Italian single-speed amore-fest.

Cicli lovely.

Whoa, sit down, have a big bowl of bolognese, a few glasses of cut-rate Barolo and listen up. We quote from our new friends at modern design web oasis G Blog:

“Do you love essential design?  Are you looking for a customizable, hand-made in Italy, high-quality unique bicycle? Look no further — Cicli Maestro is a new web-based bike store where users can easily create their custom made bike through an elegant and intuitive interface. Choose among 3 frame sizes in 6 colors, 2 models of saddles in 9 colors, 6 colors of rims and tires, 3 of chains, 3 different types of handlebars: all in all, almost half-a-million combinations for a truly bespoke result.”

Jesus, yes, Christ, of course. It’s not like you can simply purchase a mail order sexy, sultry Italian bride. Breaking some rules and marriage vows there. Still, the hunger persists but you are about to sate. This feels very good and rare — lust, consummation, no regrets or repercussions.

Have at. P.S. The vid is awesome-sauce and the photo gallery is like the Louvre of city bikes.


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