Cafe du Cycliste’s new retro styled road shoes. Plus Frenchie upgrades!

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Cafe du Cycliste’s new retro styled road shoes. Plus Frenchie upgrades!

French cycling apparel company Cafe du Cycliste just released two retro fabulous cycling shoes.

The all-white throwback road version ($377) is like classic sneakers — imagine French Chuck Taylors with cleats and a unidirectional carbon fiber sole. And there’s a gravel model with the same vibe called the Outlands. Both tres chic and both available in a box set with matching Look Pedals and socks. A collab that’s very cool and stylish and uhh, pricey. 

But this got me thinking about completing the French look + Look with a few other curated items. Below is your quick guide to embracing life on the bike a la francais.

French cycling cap from Red Dots ($44 from Etsy)

First, lose the aero MIPS helmet and slip on this Tour de France cycling cap. It will go tres bien with the Cafe du Cycliste shoes. French ribbon accent on the top brim and embroidered logo. Designed with a lightweight, breathable, fast-drying linen and cotton combo. If you’re even an occasional francophile, you need this Red Dot lid.



Baguette Bag backpack ($44 from Etsy)

Let’s not pretend we’re about to tackle Mont Ventoux, shall we? No, we want to tackle le picnic, my friends. You’ve got the retro shoes, the cycling cap but until this very moment, you were lacking something truly essential — an oversight that you’re going to rectify immediately. The Baguette bag backpack is a must as you head out into the countryside for lunch. Available in four colors and ready to hit the bakery.

A French cycling scarf ($25 from redbubble)

Surely, as a man or woman of style you would never thing about a ride without your scarf. That would be a faux pas of some magnitude. You have the shoes and cap but no outing is complete without this fashion accessory. Let no one mistake who you are and how you roll — with a scarf and the aforementioned baguette. Slip one into the shopping cart.

Wine crate carrier ($85 from Etsy)

The French have given us many gifts but let’s agree on the top two: The Tour de France and French wine. If you want the full cycling package, then this wine crate carrier is simply indispensable. Wood construction, leather and canvas fittings. It’s capable of holding many items on the back of your bike, most importantly, wine.

You’re now set for the full French bike experience. All that’s missing is the stinky cheese and, should you really want to max out the cosplay, a pack of Gauloise cigarettes.






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