Blood doping, drugs, cycling and yes, Mcdonalds.

//Blood doping, drugs, cycling and yes, Mcdonalds.

Blood doping, drugs, cycling and yes, Mcdonalds.

Fast food meets fast riders.

The latest drug revelations about the blood doping clinic in Vienna noted that riders waited their turns at the Mcdonalds across the street. So you can have a happy meal and then a bag  of blood. I’m loving it, as they say in the McDonalds advertising.

Now it must be noted that McDonalds has nothing remotely  to do with the doping clinic across the street but you can’t help but ask yourself some funny questions:

Can I get fries with that EPO?

Can I have a clean syringe instead of the cheap plastic toy?

If the clinic’s refigerator breaks down, can we store the blood here until it’s fixed?

What do you recommend? The  double cheese burger or the fish sandwich before an illegal blood transfusion?

It appears that “super-size me” has now met “super-speed me.” According to the report, riders were given cartoon nicknames like Shrek, Lucky Luke and Scrooge McDuck to conceal their identities.

The next time you’re hanging out in a Mcdonalds in Europe, see if there are any skinny guys in lycra shorts and team jerseys there. Then casually mention out loud you just got a job as a drug tester for the UCI and seen if anyone panics.

Hey, there are steroids in beef so HGH or blood doping in cyclists is no big deal, right?

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