Bamboo, part two. Zambikes.

//Bamboo, part two. Zambikes.

Bamboo, part two. Zambikes.

Zambikes coming atcha.


In our continuing fascination with bamboo bikes, we offer a quick look at Zambikes, one shop in Africa that’s taking the ubiquitous stick weed and transforming it into bikes, jobs, a better life and a far happier planet. Not a bad combination.¬†They hit the “save the planet” trifecta — or what, quadfecta?

Our eloquence is simply not up to the task of explaining the Zambike mission and accomplishments better than they do themselves. Suffice to say that two young guys named Dustin McBride and Vaughn Spethmann were playing soccer and hanging out in Zambia.

They saw Zambian buddies with no jobs and and forests of bamboo, then put their degrees in international business to work. The business model is genius, the product is wonderful and the whole vibe is, as we say in Northern California, juicy. My yoga instructor says juicy all the time and I can assure you, she looks amazing. Perhaps even as good as the bike frames. I could volunteer her for bamboo bike promotional photos. Bamyoga. The mind reels.

When you see smart young people pulling off brilliance like this and plusing the planet, my first thought is, “yeah, let me get my tired, cynical carcass out of the way so they can rescue the foul nest we’ve made.” The company is even making no-interest loans to Africans to launch other businesses. It’s a truly impressive endeavor and they hit the tripe word score in Life Scrabble.

Okay, enough bluster and word play, buy those crazy Zambikes. Besides, don’t you want your bike built by a guy who looks exactly like rapper and actor Mos Def? Way better than having Justin Timberlake do the job. Hip hop bam boo.

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