Armstrong takes down Verbruggen.

//Armstrong takes down Verbruggen.

Armstrong takes down Verbruggen.


Lance grabs mic.

Lance Armstrong wrecking the mic!

The former patron of pro cycling has now dropped his self omérta and is naming names and dropping science.

This week the Texan fired up his Hein Verbruggen -UCI takedown routine. As Lance put it, they threw him under the bus so he’s done with them.

Armstrong has crawled out from under the bus and is now going old school like Chuck D of Public Enemy shouting out Fight The Power. Hein is in hot water although really, what could happen to the old geezer? He’s retired and got his money just like Lance.

Then Lance went public on his favorite Italian doctor, Michele Ferrari. Now Oprah Winfrey couldn’t pry any Ferrari admissions out of Lance but Armstrong has decided the time has come to spit in Ferrari’s soup which, by the way, is minestrone with a dash of EPO.

We’re not expecting that will harm Ferrari or lead to any additional punishments because the guy has been banned for years and just keeps working in secret anyway. The devil doesn’t stop being the devil because a few new people are outraged about the flames and bad behavior. We’ll be interested to hear his reaction to Lance’s statements but that’s more curiosity than anything else. He still has an open invite at Casa Armstrong for Summer barbecues.

What we’re waiting for is Lance’s rap-attack on recently deposed UCI president Pat McQuaid. A while back, Armstrong made a dismissive remark that McQuaid was always in “CYA mode” — cover your ass. McQuaid may need to cover more than his ass once Armstrong reveals what he knows about the corrupt and unethical McQuaid. This should be great entertainment and we’ve felt deprived of McQuaid’s witless bluster since Cookson won the election, seized Pat’s computer files and fumigated his office.

Lance is a busy man these days — even squeezing in a live in-person, face-to face apology to former Postal soigneur Emma O’Rielly —  and we’ve love to take a peak at his daily schedule. It must read something like this:

7AM run

8:15 meeting w/ lawyers, discuss lawsuit 1

9:00 apology calls

9:30 meeting with different lawyers, discuss lawsuit 2

10:30 meeting with financial advisors, sub: protect assets from lawsuits 1-2

11:15 Swim

12 Lunch meeting — media strategy

1PM meet with lawyers, discuss lawsuit 3

2:30 crank call to Travis Tygart

3 more apology calls

4 meet with lawyers, discuss lawsuit 4-5

5 Bike ride

6:30 help kids with homework

7 crank call to Floyd Landis

7:15 meeting with financial advisors, sub: protecting assets from lawsuits 3-5

9 meeting with agents, media strategy update

10 stretching

10:30 crank call to that troll Walsh

11 bed


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  1. Brian Stephens November 18, 2013 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    I love that daily schedule, and somehow, I feel like I need to do more with my life now…minus the lawsuits, of course.

    • walshworld November 19, 2013 at 2:33 pm - Reply

      Lance is a bundle of energy, that’s for sure. Matt

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