Allen Lim’s Feed Zone Cookbook. ProTour cuisine.

//Allen Lim’s Feed Zone Cookbook. ProTour cuisine.

Allen Lim’s Feed Zone Cookbook. ProTour cuisine.


This is a must-have, essential cookbook for any endurance athlete. Ex-Radio Shack sports physiologist Allen Lim has hooked up with pro chef Biju to create The Feed Zone Cookbook.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Lim, he’s a brilliant and friendly guy. Working first with Garmin and later at Radio Shack, he got pro riders off the endless buckets of pasta and processed bars and gels.

He has plenty of stories about the early days when just bringing a rice cooker on the team bus was a shocking event. But there was no arguing with the results. They rode faster, they ate better and dinner was delicious and fun again.

These are recipes and meals he has tested in races around the world and in the Tour de France. Guys that made the top ten in Paris will tell you three weeks of this cuisine helped get them there. The book goes live on November 1st and that’s the day we’ll be on Amazon clicking our order.

Anyone who is serious about training and racing — on any level — knows the huge performance advantages of fresh, healthy, nutritious food and this book will no doubt become the athletes’ cookbook Bible.

It’s worth noting that Lim helped get Chris Horner — who’s 40th birthday is today — off the fast foods. At an age where most riders have retired, he won the Tour of California and was aiming for a top five in France. There’s no question Chris would have plenty of good things to say about these recipes. That also goes for Levi Leipheimer — who this season won the Tour de Suisse and the US Pro Cycling Challenge at age 37. Yeah, eat that.

The Feed Zone Cookbook is that book we’ve been waiting for and just knowing it’s about to launch makes Twisted Spoke feel healthier.

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  1. Steve October 25, 2011 at 6:39 am - Reply

    Phew, looks like Allen Lim's managed to squeeze out a money-spinner just in time! I'd imagine his reputation, along with many others in that elite group, might not be quite in the same in the next 12-24 months…

    • TwistedSpoke October 25, 2011 at 8:51 am - Reply

      Steve, the Armstrong investigation has been very very quiet the last few months. I wrote on a post on that because my theory is the two sides are cutting a deal — plea bargain. Which means I think that peripheral people like Lim may go untouched. I'm actually hoping for the best for Lim and other than the Landis accusation, I've heard very little. I have had the pleasure of interviewing him several times and just on the personal side, he's a great guy. Matt

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