A Giro start in Washington DC? Why not Kabul?

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A Giro start in Washington DC? Why not Kabul?

Fans are ready for a Kabul Giro start.

Giro boss Angelo Zomegnan (Crazy Z) says he’s considering starting the Giro in Washington D.C. A capital idea, don’t you think?

Riders complain about long transfers but this would only necessitate a measly eight hour flight and dealing with a six hour time difference. Those guys need to toughen up.

We like Crazy Z’s bold thinking. While the Tour de France makes the short, timid trip to the Netherlands, Z is pushing the envelope. His podium girls are hotter, his presentations are sexier and his vision grander. Talk all you want about Tour de France history, Zomegnan sees the glorious Fellini-esque future of the Giro. This man is not some route picker, he’s an artist.

The Giro thong is on.

Twisted Spoke says why stop at Washington D.C. when he can go even farther? How about starting in Rio de Janeiro, a Rio Giro? Pack up the Pinarello and the thong. Why not Kabul in Afghanistan — some great mountains nearby and cheap heroin. (Bring some Italian mine-sweepers.) The Taliban loved bike racing as long as you wear a full beard.

Is Antarctica out of the question? Sure, there’s no real population but imagine the drama, polar bears chasing the peloton. The fusion of lycra and fur. Alejandro Valverde might even borrow a dog sled.

Why not a short prologue on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the South China sea? These are the daring ideas that captivate a man such as Crazy Z.

A super cool Giro.

Oh sure, some riders will complain and protest. As Zomegnan once said, “it seems like their legs have become shorter and their tongues longer.” These skinny guys just know how to pedal a bike fast. The vision thing is not their thing — that’s Crazy Z territory.

What’s a 20 hour plane ride when the grand spectacle of the Giro is at stake?

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