McQuaid claims vedetta in Landis investigation.

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McQuaid claims vedetta in Landis investigation.

Pat goes non-public.

Patrick “hot air” McQuaid was back in public decrying the public nature of the Landis doping allegations.

The UCI president is unhappy with the investigation being carried out “in the public arena.” Uhh, what did he have in mind? A private affair, behind closed doors, held in a secret bunker in Romania?

McQuaid then went on to state that the legal proceedings were driven by personal agendas. “To some extent, when you look at the way the investigation has come about, you have to ask whether there is a genuine investigation or whether there are vendettas going on here,” McQuaid said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Twisted Spoke is always struck by McQuaid’s clear lack of impartiality in the Landis investigation. This is the head of the governing body of the sport, nominally at the forefront of the fight against doping, and yet he’s previously on record as saying the Landis allegations are a waste of time.

“Landis is just bitter and is claiming that all these guys doped because he got caught doping and thinks that other people got away with it,” said McQuaid to Cyclingnews back in June.

McQuaid did not say exactly who is in possession of said vendettas against Lance Armstrong. One we’re assuming belongs to Landis but the others are up to speculation. That crabby Greg Lemond is a good bet. But maybe McQuaid is mad at federal investigator Jeff Novizky, too.

It could be that the word vendetta was carefully chosen by the blustery Irishman. Perhaps he truly believes the Italian mafia is after Lance Armstrong.

What isn’t up for speculation and what is now public knowledge is the two donations totaling $125,000 that McQuaid and the UCI received from Armstrong. This reminds us of Armstrong’s lawyer complaining about the feds offering riders “sweetheart deals” to tesify against Lance.

Twisted Spoke says behavioral research indicates that nice gifts always sway opinion.

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  1. Joker August 17, 2010 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    Hein “Kickback King” Verbruggen is laughing his ass off at McQuaid like Bush is doing to Obama.

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