Bjarne Riis. The yellow jersey, the cool shoes.

/, Tour de France/Bjarne Riis. The yellow jersey, the cool shoes.

Bjarne Riis. The yellow jersey, the cool shoes.

Riis' snazzy tour footwear. How will Astana respond?

Win the coveted yellow jersey and your bike sponsor will paint you a new yellow bike to celebrate the occasion and increase marketing awareness.

Andy Schleck will be riding up the Pyrenees faster than Alberto Contador — he hopes — on his screaming yellow Specialized.

However Schleck isn’t the only person at Saxo Bank who is working the style magic. After stage 13 we spotted Team director Bjarne Riis sporting a snazzy pair of Nauticas with yellow trim and stripped socks. That’s right folks, the dazzling Dane is ready for action.

Twisted Spoke says this is how you go big in the tour. There’s no tomorrow, bring your A-game, take the jersey, fire up the yellow bike and bring the serious footwear. This is no time to play conservative or dress down.

We expect Alberto Contador will take that yellow jersey in the Pyrenees and score himself the yellow steed. The question is, how will Astana director Giuseppe Martinelli react? Is his footwear ready or will he stick with the sensible shoes? When the balance of power shifts, the right shoes are crucial.

Andy Schleck and Bjarne Riis will both hit the gas hard tomorrow in the mountains. When Riis steps on the pedal in teh team car, he’ll be going in style.

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