The Vuelta Chihuahua. The pre-barking.

//The Vuelta Chihuahua. The pre-barking.

The Vuelta Chihuahua. The pre-barking.

Hola Chihuahua!

The cycling world continues to hold its collective VO2 max breath as we await Sunday’s results of the opening prologue of the Vuelta Cyclista Chihuahua. Twisted Spoke has officially adopted the 2.1 rated UCI race as the silliest race on the calendar.

This snap is from last-years’ Chihuahua. Looks like fun, huh? We’ll be lavishing attention on the race named after a toy dog. Disgraced Dane (no, not Great Dane) Michael Rasmussen has pinned on a number. Will the rider nicknamed the “chicken” win the Chihuahua? Will two time winner Francisco Mancebo be top tog again? Will hordes of chihauhuas line the Mexican roads, yipping and yapping and handing out Clif Bars and Negro Modelo beer? We’re about to find out– so hold on to your fish tacos?

Vive el Chihuahua, amigos!

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