Will the feds break down George Hincapie? The possible tweets.

Make no mistake: George Hincapie is a big, tough guy. But the federal investigators in the Landis affair play some pretty hard ball.

They’re spending millions on digging into whether or not Lance Armstrong doped while in the US Postal Team. They don’t plan on losing that case and we’re afraid the man in the stars & stripes jersey will get the CIA rendition treatment.

Twisted Spoke is worried we may be reading some tweets that go something like this:

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  • Ed R

    Not even a little bit funny. It is simply amazing that federal resources are being wasted in this fashion. Instead of facilitating some assistant US Atty getting a trophy scalp, the feds should let Floyd Landis pursue his False Claims Act civil case on his own by not joining that suit. If Floyd has the goods on LA he can pursue his case an reap a higher percentage of the recovery if the Feds don't join in. If the Feds takeover the matter Floyd gets a smaller percentage, and the taxpayers get to foot the bill. Let Floyd pursue his vendetta on his own dime and collect the big reward if he has enough proof to win in court.

    • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

      Ed R, awww, come on. Not one little tiny itty bitty bit funny? Not even a smidge? I'm a damn humorist, forget right or wrong or ethics or yellow journalism or cheap sensationalism, it was funny fer crissakes. Now laugh or your off the blog. :) Matt

  • David

    @Ed R–A dissertation on the False Claims Act? At Twisted Spoke?

    Dude, relax. Take a pill. Smoke a joint. Or something.

    • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

      David, gonna have to agres with you 100% on this. A joint, me thinks. Matt

  • Jockanese

    Well, I laughed!

    They will play the noises and keep the lights on in his cell for a bit before the electrodes go on the nads!

    • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

      I had the car battery on the testicles and took it out after my wife said I went too far. She was probably right from a legal point of view.

      • Jockanese

        Cant see the enjoyment with a car battery on your testicles. Now shlamming a cupboard door on them!!!

      • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

        You never know what tricks the Feds will use. Matt

  • Ron

    Just read today in the International Herald Tribune that the French authorities are gonna cooperate with the US prosecutor and send them Lance's B samples that show EPO. I guess hes in the shit now…but I have a feeling he'll find a way out. Especially since I now believe no one really wants to find him guilty because A: they will bring the wrath of millions of yellow bracelet wearers down on their heads and B: the TdF officials dont wanna open up that can o' worms because it will never be closed, meaning they would probably have to back up to 90th finisher in Lance's winning years to find someone clean!

    • http://www.jonathonholmes.com Jonathon Holmes

      Those '99 b samples are going to be a significant problem if they are what Michael Ashenden state they are (http://nyvelocity.com/content/interviews/2009/michael-ashenden). TS… creative… very creative!

      • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

        Thanks for the intel Jonathon. Things look dicey in Livestrongland.

  • Jorge

    Screw Novitzky. I'm not saying one damn thing except name, number of UCI points, frame size …

    This is classic Twisted Spoke. No one else can come up this is cleverness.

    • http://www.atwistedspoke.com walshworld

      Thanks for the props Jorge. I debated on that idea for a while but finally decided, yeah, it was funny.

  • IdeaStormer Jorge

    Well at least he didn’t release his saddle height and chain length.

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