Wiggins breaks Hour Record. Breaks rules, too?

//Wiggins breaks Hour Record. Breaks rules, too?

Wiggins breaks Hour Record. Breaks rules, too?


Wiggo. Fairplay?

Steve Collins, the coach behind Alex Dowsett’s Hour Record mark, was not in a generous mood. When he took a look at how Bradley Wiggins beat Dowsett, he got pretty worked up about what he saw as unfair advantages and favoritism from British Cycling.

News flash for Mr. Collins: Bradley WIggins is, by all recent accounts, a “legend” not to mention having that Sir tag on front of his name. Sirs and Legends are given whatever advantages they like in clouding the ones Collins is against.

That’s things like special 3D-printed handlebars and a time trial bike that may or may not be available for sale in nine months, based on UCI Hour Record rules. Collins has to accept that there are inevitable advantages to being a Tour de France winner, Olympic Gold medalist, legend, Knight and all-round superstar. He wants the special bars, he gets them.

Collins was also upset that British Cycling seemed to be 100% behind Wiggins, unlike the level of support that gave Dowsett, which was something around the number zero. “It was a bit strange to see British Cycling, like Shane Sutton, getting so involved last night when he doesn’t work for Team Wiggins, I’m not sure how that’s allowed,” said Collins.

Dude, bro, Dowsett ain’t Wiggins.

Sky team manager David Brailsford and Wiggins go way way back to their British Cycling days. There’s no way, Uncle Fester isn’t getting Wiggo whatever resources he needs. That’s just human nature and tight bonds built up over decades. We’re sure Brailsford has a high opinion and Dowsett and wished him well but his top man is Sir Brad.

Some other things that bothered Collins about Wiggins’ new Hour Record: the time clock supplied by British Cycling that seemed to stop several times during Wiggins’ attempt. Is this cheating? Slowing down the clock just a little tiny bit? You make the call.

Collins also took issue with Shane Sutton screaming “Go, Brad, Go,” suggesting that provided an unfair advantage. There was also the rumor that several members of Team Wiggo blew air forcefully from they mouths each time Wiggins came around the track in a blatant attempt to put extra wind at his back.

And then of course they was the motor. According to rumor it was the exact same motor that Alberto Contador used in the recent Giro d’Italia and the motor that Fabian Cancellara has used to win in Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. And we mean, the exact same motor. Apparently, when you’re a Sir and a Legend, you simply call up Alberto, who didn’t need the motor again until Le Tour, and ask to borrow it, no questions asked.

Collins is on to this scam. He was planning on calling Scotland yard but there’s a problem. You see, Scotland Yard and British Cycling are all friends with Sir Bradley Wiggins. There is going to be no taking down that motor and investigating any illegal activities associated with breaking the Hour Record. Collins may have to hire a private investigator from another country.

There is also the sneaking suspicion that the Lee Valley Velopark Velodrome had undergone certain last minute “renovations.” Collins has no proof at this point but an undisclosed source has indicated that the track was shorted by several meters in length to give Wiggins every possible advantage. And that’s to say nothing about the $9000 chain for his Hour Record drive train. (Commercial availability is one thing, outrageous price is another.)

No doubt these revelations will continue to come out/ Nut in the meantime, keep this firmly in mind” Bradley Wiggins is a legend and Sirs never cheat.





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