Vaughters’ footwear. The sole of Garmin-Cervelo.

Vaughters' personal depeche mode.

Style, substance.

Garmin-Cervelo’s Christian Vande Velde comes within two seconds of winning the prologue of the US Pro Cycling Challenge. That would be the substance.

Then there’s the awesome fashion sense of team boss Jonathan Vaughters working the runway from goes from the Garden of the Gods into downtown Colorado Springs. Those shoes were no doubt specifically designed to work the pedal of a team car along a race course.

That’s right. If they’re riding the P4 time trial bike, then Vaughters is working the V5 footwear. In the top teams, nothing, no detail is overlooked, no competative advantage is ignored. Looking cooler is part of going faster, an attitude as much as a velocity.

That’s the Argyle Army, baby. Always bringing the high fashion and fast forward times. You want to know why Bob Stapleton couldn’t find a new sponsor for the best team in cycling? It wasn’t just the doping issue.

Bob has bland footwear.

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3 Responses to “Vaughters’ footwear. The sole of Garmin-Cervelo.”

  1. Ohmygod….shoes!

  2. Style over substance always wins baby, but when you can't roll your f'n sock up, have a scuff on your shoe and rock the nerd stance it's an ugly fashion no-no and a reflection on cyclists everywhere.