UCI does nose length test on French rider in Tour.

Nose barely passes UCI specifications for length.

The UCI has rules and regulations and specifications and tests for everything.

They test for doping, the scan bikes for illegal motors and now at this year’s Tour de France, they’re measuring nose size.

After being in the break all day in the stage from Rodez to Revel, French rider Pierrick Fedrigo (Bbox Bouygues Telecom) was taken to a random nose control. Fedrigo is nicknamed “le nez de Marmande” thanks to his elongated nose.

“It is just a precautionary test. Sometimes we measure things just to measure. We can’t be too careful,” said Jacques Rigoler of the UCI. French riders in their home tour are given an extra two centimeters leeway.

Fedrigo, a winner of two tour stages in his career, simply shrugged his shoulders in that French way that says, “what can I do?”

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  • 🙂
    Very funny

  • Ron

    There is a rule that states, more or less, that no aerodynamic covers or fairings can be added to the bike. This could be a plot by the French to circumvent this rule by genetically selecting aerosnozes…you never know.

    • The aero-snozze will be THE controversy in 2011. You read it here first.

  • Sacramennah

    Tre Amuezant!

    • Love amusant. More than life itself. Matt

  • Ron

    After stage 16 today we might start to see more pro riders with the funny French facial fairings.

    • The French are ahead of the game here. They are working on nose power in the absence of doping. Watch out. Matt

  • And in today's Stage 16, Fedrigo won by a nose!

    Now, that is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Le Tour Babe, yes, Fedrigo didn't blow it, so to speak. Matt

  • b.j.highlander

    What is the purpose of those white things some riders have in their nose?

    • Breathrite strips. An adhesive band with a plastic piece that helps to pull out the nostril so you can breathe better. Also used for snoring. Matt