Twisted Spoke in Cycle Sport Magazine.

The front spread.

Uhh, plug time.

Sure, the Tour of California was over ages ago but did you really understand its rich tapestry? There’s still time to change that.

Besides covering the race everyday on the web for the classy Richard Pestes at pezcyclingnews, we wrote our first magazine piece for Cycle Sport magazine.

Was it a challenge? Yeah, first time out the gate and I was nervous, writing and re-writing until I had to force myself to stop. Blogging and writing for yourself is easy compared to writing for a publication.

Still, They devoted about eight pages to the Tour of California and to be honest, I’m thrilled with how it turned out and how it looks. I now have a calling card. They even used a number of my photos, which doubled my excitement.

So run to the nearest Borders or wherever you get your cycling mags and purchase the latest issue out now. It will make them money and when they make money, they think kindly of me and say to themselves, “that American blogger chap, we should send him to Paris-Roubaix next year.”

Okay, I’m on record, yeah, that, I hope, is the next big thing.

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2 Responses to “Twisted Spoke in Cycle Sport Magazine.”

  1. Well done, Matt!

  2. Cycle Sport’s the isht – crazy funny like someone else I know. So is this the edition after their TdF guide?

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