Trevor Bodogh. The other Danny MacAskill.

Ran across this in a search across the wild world of web. Our first thought is always, what kind of health insurance do they have?

Flying Trevor.

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5 Responses to “Trevor Bodogh. The other Danny MacAskill.”

  1. IMO this guys just 'another talented trials rider'
    Danny MacAskill takes a normal-looking bike and flows so well that it removes the technical aspect of the sport from the viewer's mind and instead becomes a kind of dream-fulfilment. That's why it's exploded and crossed over from just keen trials and mountain bikers.

    This guy above still has all the correctional hops and mod trials bike of a trials rider. The creative side of things needs to come to the fore more, if he's going to try and cross over.

    Ryan Leech did it too, but he was just slightly too early for the youtube generation.

    As I said – all IMO.

  2. Health insurance? OHIP, I guess.

  3. Great stuff! Well done the Scot’s lad!!!! Who sang the bnickag track? Awesome stuff!

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