Tour de France piggy!

//Tour de France piggy!

Tour de France piggy!

Takes US coins and Euros!

Yesterday I was reading Caley Fretz’ Cycling Tips post 10 products I loved in 2017. Good stuff and number 10, last in the list, was a polka dot, king of the mountains, coffee mug. Who does’t want one of those?

Which made want to check out the Tour de France boutique to see what unexpected goodies they might have. Sure enough, just past all the TDF t-shirts, I came across a true gem: a yellow TDF piggy bank.

Man of man, how cool is that? Every year I wish I could go back to the Tour de France but besides having a restrictive full time job, it’s a trip that costs several thousand dollars or more, depending on how long you’re going.

Is this the clever and inspiring purchase (a mere $12, down from $13) that would allow me to consistently save my coins for another journey to Le Grand Shindig? In stock, one size only, oh-so tempting. It’s gotta be on your best cycling gifts list.

Now there are some juicy little items on the site. A Tour de France Panama hat — perhaps to watch your favorite bike racers from South America. There’s also a TDF kitchen apron for that special woman in your life who forgives your obsession with Le Tour and a very sharp “polka dot” version of the classic French Opinel knife.

Where to start with this Tour bounty? I think it starts with the cute yellow piggy bank.




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