Tour de France countdown: Haribo head.

Head on.

You know it’s game on in the Tour de France, that Le Tour is all systems go, that Le Grand Shindig is about to begin when the Haribo head goes on.

This was actually one of the first photos I took on my first Tour in 2010. Must have been at the start in Rotterdam when I saw this guy pull the head out of the back of the truck and prepare to put slip it on.

Haribo makes all kinds of junk candy and they toss tons of it to the roadside fans from their Tour caravan vehicle. Not particularly good stuff unless you’re a 6 year old kid. Even then you have to question the taste of French children who should know better.

Still, Haribo is a fixture at the Tour and so we look forward to seeing that smiling kid with the black hair and the mouth wide open waiting for more sugar.


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2 Responses to “Tour de France countdown: Haribo head.”

  1. Are you freakin’ nuts? Haribo Gummi Bears are to die for!!