Tour de France countdown. 4 days until the monster yellow bike.

I may have to lower the seat.

We are 6’4″ of pure cycling flab riding a 66.5 cm red Serotta. But this bike right above is far bigger, too big for us.

There’s plenty of bike art during the Tour de France including a colossal wooden bike that looks like it was made with full-length telephone poles.

People decorate bikes for the tour, repaint them with polka dots or a new yellow coat, dress them up with dummies and cardboard cut-outs, twist them into strange places and hang them from every possible kind of hook.

Bike art is an enduring part of Tour de France art, a tubular canvas for everyone to express their love of La Grande Boucle and bikes in general.

Whenever we drove along the race route, the start and finish towns, the little villages along the way, we were sure to see some clever, creative displays for our amusement. It’s a chance for everyone to celebrate the Tour and no doubt some folks plan their creations months in advance.

We look forward to hitting the road in Le Tour and seeing what’s around the next corner. It’s gonna be some bike art, but what exactly, we have no idea.

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One Response to “Tour de France countdown. 4 days until the monster yellow bike.”

  1. I love those fancy new low-spoke wheels!