Tour de France countdown. 16 days until 6 foot penis.

Yes, Le Tour is tremendously exciting for people.

LIVE from the PYRENEES! It’s the Tour de France Penis! Well, folks do get excited about the biggest bike race in the world. This gentleman certainly was fully engaged and engorged.

Last year I was the good fortune to land smack dab in the middle of one of those crazy groups of Basque fans I’d only see from the safety of my television. Men cross-dressing, wearing thongs and policeman outfits, dressing as babies, animals, freaks, full lace summer dresses and of course Mr. Penis.

Now, I will issue a correction because they were not from the Basque region of Spain. No, the French city of Bordeaux must take the blame and responsibility for this kind of folly. They had a full bar set up on the side of the road and we’re having a grand old time dancing in the road as the tour cars came up. Even the police were temporarily amused.

We’ll look for the six foot penis this year in the Pyrenees. But not too closely.

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3 Responses to “Tour de France countdown. 16 days until 6 foot penis.”

  1. OMG! I HAVE to go there one day–sounds like a riot! Plus, there is that whole bike race thing, too ;-D

  2. One of my favorite stages!