Things I Want, Edition Three

Does the wanting never end? Will the bike industry ever stop tantalizing and taunting — daring me to shatter my credit report in a relentless orgy of cycling apparel and gear purchases.

Probably not. I mean, this is capitalism and marketing and I am a weak individual without financial will power. After our Edition One and Edition Two, we’re ready to plunge into the things we crave but cannot acquire at this particular time due to a balance issue at the bank. Like we’ve said before dream now, fund later. This is the best cycling gear we’ve seen of late so off we go, fellow cravers.

Boa dials and ratchets are cool but look at these snazzy Signature 84 shoes from Louis Garneau. On sale at the website for $149! This is old school with flash and style. Holy moly, I want to tie my shoes before I ride. You got all the modern goodies —  carbon composite outsole,  multi-vent system to enhance airflow, thermo-bonded construction and black, shimmering awesome-ness. Garneau has been knocking it out of the park of late. Their new Course race shoe won a best of show for new tech award at Eurobike. We want the Signature 84’s on our feet. Please send a pair in the 47 size immediately.

Garneau Signature 84

Oakley in da house!!! The uber high-end eyewear company made plenty of noise at Eurobike with their entry into the helmet market. They are coming to town with the ARO 3, 5 and 7, all showing off Oakley’s design skills. The retention system uses a boa dial — which is very intriguing and will streamline the inside of the helmet. The beautiful princess in the bunch was the ARO7 with visor ($500.)  Hot steaming piles of sexiness. I don’t even ride time trials but now I want to. As somebody that wears prescription glasses and is just too busy to mess with contact lenses, I’m very interested in the whole visor trend. I’m aero, I can still wear my regular glasses and still have this stunning optic shield in front of me. I’m Darth Vader on a race bike. Sign me up for the full industry discount on this one when it comes out in February 2018. Want it with all ALL CAPS.

Aero delicious

Then there’s the enticing 7 Mesh Mission jersey ($200) Why, you ask, feeling my lack of disposable income? Love the color Mandarin. It looks unique and distinctive. The Mission claims a “stellar warmth-to-weight ratio.” It looks like the kind of all-rounder, multi-purpose jersey that is good for three seasons. This gorgeous garment would give me that bold hit of color. matched with a black, no-nonsense big short. I’ve been impressed by 7 Mesh for a while. They’re part of a new set of upstart cycling apparel companies I call the Rapha Killers. It’s a smart, well-designed website with what looks to be lots of well-designed and constructed cycling apparel. Put the Mission on my wish list.

Mission, accomplished


It is wrong to quicker with delight over a black plastic bucket? Yes, when said bucket is the RiseKit portable pressurized shower ($99). It holds 2 gallons, you fill with a kitchen faucet and comes with a hose, nozzle and sprayer. No, I’m not taking a shower — I’m washing off my bikes. When we moved to an apartment from a house, I lost a critical bike space, the garage, and an equally critical device, the garden hose. Now I have to take my bike down the elevator and then down the road to the apartment complex club house to find a hose to watch my bikes. Now, I could stick this in the back of the SUV and watch my bike whenever I want with a minimum of hassle. And yeah, I could hose myself down too, so this is a win-win, folks. YEs, I want the damn bucket. Gimme.

The clean bike solution

And last but not least on the hit parade, the Bordeaux Classic Jersey from Velobici ($166). We’re merino wool aficionados — we have two wool long sleeve jerseys, wool arm warmers, socks and all our base layer stuff is wool. The fabric just says cycling history history to me. The Bordeaux is 100% Superfine Merino wool and reeks of casual, off-the-bike style. Versatility is part of the joy (and value) of wool because these kinds of jerseys match just as well with jeans and now you’re the cool guy at the office. Too bad smoking kills because if I could wear the Bordeaux while smoking a pack of old French Galoise cigarettes, well, I’d be a small scale legend. Velobici is just causing me all kinds of craving.

A full body Bordeaux





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