Sky Team. Living in the Grey Area

//Sky Team. Living in the Grey Area

Sky Team. Living in the Grey Area

Sky has new color

The pressure has been mounting on Team Sky in the wake of the Fancy Bear hacks that revealed that star rider Bradley Wiggins may have pushed the boundaries of what’s ethical in the use of TUE’s.

The team has been criticized by a wide range of people — riders, journalists, the head of the MPCC, even UCI president Brian Cookson went so far as to say Sky make have pushed the rules on TUE’s “to the very limit.”

Team boss David Brailsford admitted he has handled the controversy poorly, saying he was pouring gasoline on a fire. Bradley Wiggins has largely claimed up after several attempts to explain his case in the media.

As everyone well knows, the TUE process is a grey area that needs immediate clarification in terms of rules and penalties. Team Sky is a time that prides itself on absolutes. However, they are definitely living in the land of grey.



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