Stuart O’Grady to pass nickname to Ian Boswell?

//Stuart O’Grady to pass nickname to Ian Boswell?

Stuart O’Grady to pass nickname to Ian Boswell?

Boswell. Freckles Don’t Lie. photo twisted spoke

Aussi Stuart O’Grady retired from pro cycling in 2013 after a high profile career that included two individual stage wins in the Tour de France, victory in the 2007 Paris-Roubaix and a gold medal in the Madison in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Now out of the sport for four years, the question now arises: would O’Grady, nicknamed the Fighting Freckle, be willing to bestow the monitor on Sky’s young American stage racer Ian Boswell?

Boswell is aiming for big things in 2017 after riding both the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta last year — and helping his captain Chris Froome take second the the Spanish stage race.

Now he has his eyes sets on a major goal: leading Team Sky and going for the overall win in May at the Tour of California. Would Boswell benefit from a distinctive and motivational nickname like the “Fighting Freckle?” Would his wattage jump another twenty of he hit the climbs in the Sierras clusters with the only nickname based on melaninized cells?

You’re damn right he would.

First, O’Grady is no longer using the moniker so there’s no reason he womb’t be more than willing to pass it on to Boswell. Second, Boswell more that fits the Freckle billing. He’s fair-skinned and covered in freckles after years and years in the sun.

Boswell has some of the best freckles in the pro peloton and it’s time he receivers due recognition. In our book, Boswell is the very definition of freckle-dom. He deserves the tag and would wear it with pride.

Is O’Grady willing to bequest the Fighting Freckle? Does Boswell need to send him a written, motorized request for usage? Can we in the vast cycling fan community simply unilaterally make the decision to crown Boswell the Fighting Freckle?

Does the governing body of the sport, the UCI, need to be apprised of the situation and is there any licensing paperwork to be filed or a small fee to be paid? Really, hard to say under the cloudy circumstances.

All we know is, Ian Boswell has assumed the mantle: he is, The Fighting Freckle.


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